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How To Find Subway Stops In China Using Baidu Maps

If you’re living in China, public transportation is abundant and cheap. Taxis are convenient but using them every day can be expensive. Riding the subway can be even faster than sitting in traffic in a taxi during rush hour. Sometimes locating bus stops or subway stops around you can be a challenge though. So, follow […]

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How To Find Bus Stops In China Using Baidu Maps

If you’re living in China, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that you need to learn how to use public transportation. This guide will show you about locating the nearest bus stops to you using Baidu maps.  I also use this method for when I need to call a taxi. If I don’t know […]

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How To Book Cheap Flights In China On QuNar

If you are Chinese and want to book a flight in China, you are probably using either Ctrip or QuNar. These are two of the more popular booking apps for flights, train tickets, and hotels. One of the best things about being an expat in China is the number of travel destinations in close proximity. The […]

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