How to Withdraw Your China Medical Insurance Money

How to Withdraw Your China Medical Insurance Money

Every month you pay  China medical insurance tax out of your paycheck if you are working in China. If you live in Beijing, you can withdrawal this money and use it as you wish. If you live in other cities, this process may be different or not even feasible. For example, in Shenzhen, this money is only allowed to be used for medical expenses with proof of billing.  Read the tutorial below to get started…

Step 1: Medical Insurance Card

This is your medical insurance card. If you are working in Beijing on a Z visa, you will receive one of these. The front says Bank of Beijing and the characters for medical insurance (医保). The back with have a black stripe across it.

Step 2: Find The Machine

Find any Bank of Beijing. They should have a separate ATM section of the bank that stays open 24 hours. Inside are regular ATM’s, but there should also be a machine with a sign that says Medicare Withdraw Machine in English (医保取款机).

Step 3: Select Passbook

Go to the machine and press Passbook (存折业务).

Step 4: Slide Your Card

You will need to slide your card. Find the card slot. Make sure your stripe on the red book is facing the right way. Slide the book as you would a debit card.

Step 5: Select English

It will ask you if you want to use English or Chinese. Select English for ease of use.

Step 6: Link Card Screen

This screen will ask if you want to link to your debit card. Ignore and hit Continue.

Step 7: Select Withdrawal

This screen shows a list of services. You can check your balance by tapping Inquiry. When you are ready, tap Withdrawal.

Step 8: Select Amount

Select the amount you wish to take out. Keep in mind that 100 rmb notes are the lowest denomination you can withdrawal from a self-service machine. If you wish to withdraw all the balance or anything less than 100 denominations, you must go inside and ask the bank teller. Select the amount, withdraw the money, and then tap Exit.

That’s it! Now you know how to conveniently take out your medical insurance money at any time using a self-service Medicare insurance withdrawal machine.