How To Get Free Data With China Unicom During New Year

How To Get Free Data With China Unicom During New Year

During Chinese New Year, there are a lot of traditions: family, dumplings, fireworks, red envelopes, and many others. 

In recent times, Chinese people anticipate all the shopping coupons and deals as much as they can't wait for the long, one-week break. This year there are a ton of specials. Some require you to do some work but occasionally, you come across one that requires very little. This one for China Unicom is one of those. 

So if you have China Unicom for your cell phone service, follow these easy steps to get a free 500MB of data sent to your phone with no strings attached. Hurry up because the offer will probably end when the New Year break is over!  

Step 1: Download The App

First you will need to download the app from any of the major app stores in China:  

Apple’s App Store
Baidu App Market (百度手机助手)
Tencent App Store (应用宝)
XiaoMi App Store (小米应用商店)
Google Play 

Type in the pinyin “WeiXin”. Download the app shown in the picture, (微信).

This tutorial’s screenshots will be based on the UI from the IOS app, the method should be the exact same for Android or other operating systems. Some UI changes might occur due to app updates over time.

Step 2: Go To Contacts

Open the app and tap the Contacts icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Step 3: Search Bar

Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Official Accounts

Tap on Official Accounts.

Step 5: Search For Account

Search for 中国联通, which is the Chinese characters for China Unicom. You must type characters for this step. To do this, make sure that you add a Chinese pinyin keyboard to your phone. Activate the keyboard and then type in this pinyin, zhongguoliantong. Select the characters that are shown in the picture. Then search.

Step 6: Select Official Account

Tap on the official account. Use the the picture as reference.

Step 7: Follow Account

Tap on Follow.

Step 8: Switch To Keyboard

There will be a navigation bar at the bottom. Tap on the far left icon that has a keyboard. This will switch the bottom navigation bar menu into a keyboard.

Step 9: Type In The Characters

Type in the following characters, 狗年大吉 . You must type characters for this step. Type in this pinyin, gouniandaji and match the characters to those shown in the picture. Tap send.

Step 10: Tap On Message

You will receive an immediate clickable response that says, 点此领取500M流量 . Tap on the message.

Step 11: Enter Your Info

Enter your phone number in the first blank ( 请输入手机号码) and tap on obtain code (获取验证码).

Step 12: Receive Code

You will receive a text message with a code.

Step 13: Enter The Code

Enter this code into the second blank (请输入短信验证码). Tap Confirm (确认领取).

Step 14: Confirmation Page

You will see a confirmation page. It should say Congratulations (恭喜).

Step 15: Receive Text

You will then receive two texts to confirm that it went through. They will look similar to the ones in the picture. They will both say successfully loaded to your account (成功充值).

Step 16: Error Message 1

You can only get the free data once. If you go back to the China Unicom official account and try clicking the message again, you will see this screen. This says that only one reward per user.

Step 17: Error Message 2

Or, if you try entering the characters again (狗年大吉), you will get this message saying only one reward per user.

Congrats, you did it! You now just get a free 500MB of data. Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year!