How To Use Self-Service Package Lockers In China 2

How To Use Self-Service Package Lockers In China 2

We’ve covered how to pick up a package in a pick-up locker from the text message the driver will send you. If the pickup code is in the text message, you can read how to do that here. But, often the text doesn’t contain any type of code. In these situation, what do you do? Read part two of these tutorials which shows how to use self-service package lockers in China using WeChat!

Step 1: Check Your Text

You will be notified by one of two ways if your package was put into a locker. Notification is either through the app you bought the product with or through text message sent to you after the package in put inside the locker.

The text will sometimes tell you the locker location and the locker code, but sometimes the text only tells you the locker location, as pictured above. In these situations, we need to use WeChat to get our code.

The characters in the beginning in brackets is the brand of the locker. You should see your community name with the building number where the locker is located near, as well as the community entrance it is located near.

Here is some Chinese you can reference to:
- Building Number = 号楼
- North Entrance = 北门
- South Entrance = 南门
- East Entrance = 东门
- West Entrance = 西门

If you need to use WeChat to retrieve the code, you will know by the following sentence telling you so, 关注格格小区微信查开柜码.

If you don’t see this sentence, it means the code is in the text and you can go get your package. Ignore this tutorial and read this one on How To Use Self-Service Lockers In China Part 1.

Step 2: Download The App

First you will need to download the app from any of the major app stores in China:  

Apple’s App Store
Baidu App Market (百度手机助手)
Tencent App Store (应用宝)
XiaoMi App Store (小米应用商店)
Google Play 

Type in the pinyin “WeiXin”. Download the app shown in the picture, (微信).

This tutorial’s screenshots will be based on the UI from the IOS app, the method should be the exact same for Android or other operating systems. Some UI changes might occur due to app updates over time.

Step 3: Go To Contacts

Open the app and tap the Contacts icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Step 4: Search Bar

Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 5: Official Accounts

Tap on Official Accounts.

Step 6: Search For Account

Tap the search bar and enter the Chinese characters: 格格. You can also search using English by entering their WeChat ID: gegexq. It will look similar to the account in the picture. Tap on the official account rather than mini program.

Step 7: Follow Account

Tap on Follow.

Step 8: Accept Permissions

A pop-up will appear asking for your location. Tap Yes.

Step 9: Navigation Bar

At the bottom navigation bar, tap on Package Send/Receive (快递收发).

Step 10: Search Package

The menu will expand. Tap on Search Package (查询快递).

Step 11: Enter Your Info

You will need to enter your phone number (请填写手机号) and then tap the colored box to Obtain Code (获得验证码). It will be sent as a text message seen in Step 12. Enter the code in the second space (输入验证码). Then tap Login (登录).

Step 12: Receive Code

The code you requested in step 11 will come in a text. Make sure it comes from the same official account (格格小区) and then use the code (验证码) to complete step 11.

Step 13: Locker Info

After you login in, you will come to a page called My Packages (我的快件). Make the Need Pick Up (未取件) tab under the search bar is selected. There will be some information on the screen, but the most important is the pickup code number:

- Building Number = 提取码
- North Entrance = 送达时间
- South Entrance = 取件地址

Step 14: Find Your Locker

Now go to the area of the community that your locker is located and find your brand of locker box. There is probably more than one brand so make sure they match. Type in your code on the screen and retrieve your package.

For a more detailed look on how to use the screen menu, go here.

Step 15: Confirm Through Official Account

Once you get your package and close the locker door, you can double check the My Package page from the official account seen in step 12. Tap on the Picked Up (已收件) tab located under the search bar. You will then see your information similar to step 13, but the Status (快递状态) will say Picked Up (已取走).

Step 16: Confirm Through WeChat Message

You will also receive a notification on WeChat from their official account. It will look something like this. It should say Successful Pickup (快件取件成功通知).

That’s it! You now have your package. Next time you get a delivery and the locker code is not in the text message, just open this official account in WeChat and go through the same process.