How To Use Self-Service Package Lockers In China

How To Use Self-Service Package Lockers In China

When you order something online, it is usually delivered in one of two ways. The delivery man (kuaidi) will come to your door and hand it to you in person or they will use a put it in package lockers for you to manual retrieve yourself. This tutorial is part 1 that shows you how to retrieve your package from a pick-up locker when they send you a text with the code. Keep reading to find out more... 

Step 1: Check Your Text

You will be notified by one of two ways if your package was put in a locker. Either through the app you bought the product or through text message.

The text will tell you the name of the locker, the passcode, and the location. If you are using the app method, it will contain the same information.

Step 2: Find The Package Locker

Now it’s time to find your locker. These lockers are usually in residential communities making it convenient to grab your package. Many communities have more than one locker though so make sure you know which one it is. You can figure it out by knowing your community’s entrances, for example which entrance is west gate versus north gate. If you have no clue, you might have to guess and check.

Also, some communities may have more than one brand of locker, often right next to each other. Make sure you go to the right location and you are at the right brand. This is easily found by matching the brand in the text with the brand on the locker, most likely in large letters or with a large logo on top of the locker.

Step 3: Locker Touchscreen

Every locker will have a large touchscreen, possibly with a number pad underneath the screen as well. Every machine’s UI may be a bit different but the method of retrieving is the same.

This tutorial shows the UI package locker brand - e栈. 

Step 4: Retrieve Package

Touch the screen and tap the Retrieve Package button (取件).

Step 5: Enter Your Code

You will then be asked to enter your code. Use the touch screen or number pad to enter your code found in the text message.

Step 6: Error Screen

If you type the wrong code in, you will see a screen like this. It will have the word error on there (取件吗无效). If you see this screen, double check the text message. Either the code you entered was wrong, the box name you are at is wrong, or the location you are at is wrong.

Step 7: Success Screen

Another screen may appear that says the box is open. You should also hear a sound of the locker opening.

Step 8: Find Open Locker

Check the lockers to see which door opened.

Step 9: Get Your Package

Your package will be inside.

Make sure you close the door to the locker. Please make sure that you check the locker to ensure all packages are taken. Sometimes they put more than one inside and if you accidentally shut the door without grabbing all packages, the code will not work to re-open it. It will require you to call them, which becomes a bit more troublesome.

Great job! You did it and now you can do it next time you get a package sent to the self-service package lockers.