How To Do Shipping In China Using YuanTong

How To Do Shipping In China Using YuanTong

Shipping in China is often very fast, especially in large cities like Beijing or Shanghai. Most expats won't ship a package. And if they need to, they will both their coworker to do it for them. But honestly, who likes annoying others to do things that you can probably do yourself? If you are not sure how, just follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to do shipping in China through WeChat using YuanTong.

YuanTong is one of the top 3-5 common shipping companies used by locals. They are usually much cheaper than ShunFeng, which is the fastest. So if you are shipping a package and you don't need it to arrive overnight, this might be your best bet.

Step 1: Download The App

First you will need to download the app from any of the major app stores in China:  

Apple’s App Store
Baidu App Market (百度手机助手)
Tencent App Store (应用宝)
XiaoMi App Store (小米应用商店)
Google Play 

Type in the pinyin “WeiXin”. Download the app shown in the picture, (微信).

This tutorial’s screenshots will be based on the UI from the IOS app, the method should be the exact same for Android or other operating systems. Some UI changes might occur due to app updates over time.

Step 2: Go To Contacts

Open the app and tap the Contacts icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Step 3: Search Bar

Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Official Accounts

Tap on Official Accounts.

Step 5: Search For Account

Search for the name of the shipping company: 圆通快递. You may also use pinyin to seach: yuantong kuaidi.

Step 6: Select Official Account

There will be many accounts related to this company. Make sure you select the right official account. It should have a checkmark to the right. Match the name and logo to the picture above. Tap on the account.

Step 7: Follow Account

Tap on Follow.

Step 8: Select Send A Package

At the bottom navigation bar, tap on Send Package (奇件). Then on the dropdown menu, tap on Home Pickup (快递员上门).

Step 9: Select Sender Address

This will open up the Package Information page. Tap the first tab to fill-in the shipper address (奇).

Step 10: Add New Address

Tap on Add New Address (新增地址).

Step 11: Enter Sender Address Details 1

On the address page, fill in the information. Match the Chinese below with what to enter:

姓名 = Name
联系方式= Contact number
详细地址= Region*
详细地址 = Detailed address**

*You will need to select province, city, district in this order from the dropdown menus when selecting region. These options will be in Chinese. 

**You will need to enter your address in Chinese.

You can ignore the checkboxes and leave them blank. These allow you to ship the package as unlisted addresses. Just leave them blank. Scroll down the page to find more info.

Step 12: Enter Sender Address Details 2

On the second part of the address details, you can leave this information box blank.  Tap Save (保存).

Step 13: Select Receiver Address

Now do the exact same thing for the Receive Address (送).

Step 14: Package Details

The four options below the sender and receiver addresses are to describe your package or document you are sending. Let’s take them one by one. First select the top left box for Type of Package (物品类型).

Step 15: Select Type of Package

The highlighted tab at the top says Package Content (物品名称). You will need to select what you are shipping. See the Chinese below for reference:

文件 = Document
食品 = Food
服饰 = Clothing
生活用品 = Consumer Products
数码产品 = Digital Products
其它 = Other

If you do tap Other, you will need to write in the space what it is. From the example above, I put Medicine (药品).  Then press Confirm (确定).

Step 16: Enter Package Weight

Tap the second tab at the top after Package Content. This tab will be for Package (物品重量). Tap on the approximate weight of your package. Or, tap the Other (其它) and enter in the weight in the space. For example, you could add .5 and then hit Confirm (确定).

Step 17: Select Add-On Services

The next box of the four is the top right for Additional Services (增值服务). Once you open the options, you can select from a handful of services. I have translated them below:

需要纸箱 = Need box/carton
贵品报价 = Expensive products
需要爬楼 = No elevator
缺文件袋 = Need document pouch
上门请联系 = Call before arriving

If you don't select "Call before arriving", the delivery man will just show up within an hour or so (not always), which is okay when you plan on staying home all day. However, if you do select "Call before arriving", you will need to speak in Chinese. 

If none of these apply to your shipment, don’t select any and tap on the X to exit. 

Step 18: Select Standard Shipping

The next box is the bottom left which is for Shipping Service (时效产品). This is for selecting Type of Shipping. The option will be either Rushed (计时达) or Standard (标准快递).

Rushed will charge a 10rmb fee in this example. We will select the standard shipping.

Some receiving addresses might not even have the rush option available and standard might be the only option.

Step 19: Agree To Terms and Confirm

The last box in the bottom right is for Coupons (抵用券) and since we don’t have any, we will skip to the bottom of the screen. Make sure you select the I Agree (我同意) checkbox to accept terms and services. Then tap on Submit (提交).

Step 20: Order Page

You will then come to your order page. The top tab says Awaiting (得取件). The highlight text at the bottom will say Not Picked Up (未接单). This means you submitted a request for shipping but the driver has not accepted the order yet.

Hint – if the package request doesn’t get picked up after many hours, you might want to start over and do it again. This happened with me when I requested a pickup later at night in the evening after the workers got off work. I expected them to come the next morning but never did so I had to do it again during their work hours and it got picked up fast.

Your order is in the system and now awaiting pickup. Next, I will show you how to get to your My Order page directly from the official account so you can see when the status changes from Not Picked Up to Picked Up.

Step 21: Go To Member Center

Enter the official account and at the bottom navigation bar tap on YuanTong Service (圆通服务). A dropdown will open and tap on YuanTong Member (圆通会员).

Step 22: Select All Apps

Tap on All Tools (全部功能) under the Customer Service tab (客服服务).

Step 23: Select My Orders

Tap on My Orders (我的订单).

Step 24: Pick-up Successful

Under the Awaiting tab (得取件), you will see your pickup. The highlighted text underneath will say Pickup (接单).

The driver should on his own after you schedule the pickup. If you selected the option to receive a call before arriving in step 17, they will call you. If you did not select the option, they might call anyways just to confirm you are at home or they may come directly.

Step 25: Track Your Package

Go back to the All Apps page as you did in Step 22.

Tap on the icon that says Track Package (查件).

Step 26: Enter Tracking Code

Enter your tracking number. This number is found from Step 24.

Step 27: Successfully Delivered

The tabs on top will indicate status. If it is In-Transit it will be under the (中转中) tab. In our example, the package has already been delivered because it is under the Already Signed (已签收) tab. Under the tab you will see your package number and under that will be text, which I highlighted in yellow, that says Already Received (签收成功).

Great job! You just sent your first package in China and now know how to do it next time. Stop bothering your coworkers for simple things like shipping a package and start handling these tasks yourself.